Stage Your Temecula, California Kitchen To Sell

Gabe Carrillo
Gabe Carrillo
Published on September 20, 2017


You don’t have to be an impeccable housekeeper when selling a  Temecula California home – you just need to look like one. That’s the beauty of staging a Temecula California home for sale – it gives buyers the perception of “impeccable,” and perceptions sell.

In fact, staging a home for sale has been shown to increase a  home’s perceived value. “A consumer’s perceived value of a good or service affects the price he is willing to pay,” claim the experts at Investopedia.

Since the kitchen is the most popular room in a home, at least according to homebuyers, paying special attention to how it’s staged should be your first step when thinking about getting your Temecula California home ready for the market.

Declutter – because this will not work 

Your  kitchen is now a product, and like any product, you’ll need to ensure that it’s sale-ready. Just as you wouldn’t dream of selling a car that’s cluttered with kids’ stuff, fast food wrappers and paperwork, neither should you tolerate everyday living-type clutter in the kitchen. I guarantee that  buyer searching for a Temecula Valley home isn’t going to easily overlook the clutter. They want clean and fresh, so following some of the simple guidelines below will get those buyers much more interested in your home.




Clear off the top of the refrigerator, leaving only one decorative item, then remove all the fridge magnets and the photos, report cards and child artwork they hold.


  • Clear off the countertops completely, putting small appliances out of sight and displaying just a few decorative items.
  • If there’s a pot rack in the kitchen, consider removing it. Buyers want storage space and they’ll feel your kitchen lacks it if you need a pot rack.
  • If your kitchen trash receptacle isn’t hidden away, consider buying one that will fit in the pantry or a cupboard. An exposed trash container broadcasts to potential buyers that there isn’t enough cupboard space in the kitchen.
  • Most of us tend to collect clutter near the kitchen sink – bottles of dish soap, sponges, rags, scrub brushes and more. Remove all of it to the cupboard under the sink.
  • Organize the contents of the refrigerator. Yes, buyers will look, especially if appliances are included in the sale.
  • Rearrange the contents of cupboards and drawers, removing large items that make the spaces appear cramped.


Over time, kitchen walls become grease-stained and splattered. A fresh coat of paint will cure that problem and give you a refreshed backdrop on which to work your decorating magic.

While grey was the go-to kitchen color in 2017, Elle Décor took a look ahead to 2018 and predicts that midnight blue will be the “it” kitchen color.

A 2017 Zillow study also found that blue appeals most to homebuyers.

But, since we’re talking staging, you may want to choose a lighter, softer shade. In fact, the study revealed that blue kitchens earn homeowners an average $1,809 boost of their sale price.

Make Investments

If your budget allows, and you decide to make investments in the kitchen, start with the appliances, because those are the hot buttons common among homebuyers. In fact,

“Studies show that sellers recoup every penny they spend on appliances,” according to HGTV.

The next item to splurge on is lighting. Kitchens can never have too much light, both overhead and task lighting. Consider installing LED lights under the cabinets and switching out the overhead fixture if it’s dated.


Cabinets painted and overhead fixture replaced with LED’s

Additional items you may want to consider include:

  • A new kitchen faucet
  • New hardware for the cabinets and drawers
  • Rugs and curtains (in small kitchens, avoid busy patterns)
  • Artwork
  • If you have an eat-in kitchen, consider a striking centerpiece for the table


Freshly-painted walls and organized and decluttered cupboards are the first steps. Cleaning the kitchen – impeccably – is a critical next step. Do it yourself or have the local experts at  A to Z cleaning pros  do it for you.

Yes, you’ll need to keep it that way while the home is on the market, but remember: It’s only temporary. Another thing to keep in mind is that if you need any guidance I’ll make myself available to you. Its actually part of the value added service that all of my clients receive along with free window cleaning , house cleaning and much much more. Feel free to contact me for a no charge consultation where I will give you a detailed report of your homes current value and advice regarding what type of work may need to be done and what should be left alone. This info can save you thousands so if your in the market to sell your home be sure to schedule an appointment to discuss your situation.

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Stage Your Temecula, California Kitchen To Sell
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