4 Tips to Consider When Staging Your House For Fall Showings

Gabe Carrillo
Published on October 16, 2015

4 Tips to Consider When Staging Your House For Fall Showings


Contemporary living room with a fireplace and stylish decor.

Staging a home for showings can be quite a taxing process but very rewarding if done right. It entails making several subtle changes and decorations that showcase your home’s best assets in a move aimed at impressing potential buyers. Having a knowledgeable and experienced real estate agent (such as Gabe…..hint, hint) to guide you through this process can help you sell your house quicker and at a relatively higher price. Studies have shown that staging a home for sale will generate a faster sale and will cause a home to sell for more money.

The biggest buyers during the Fall season  are the millennials who are known for their keenness to details. Empty nesters also comprise a fair share of buyers during this season as they seek to find homes for themselves. As such, it is important to keep these demographics in mind when establishing your ideal target for your home showings.

The following are some of the most vital tips to consider when staging your home for Fall showings.

  1. De-clutter your home

A jumbled environment is one of the most unpleasant scenes, which can serve as a key factor that easily puts off your potential buyer’s interest. This is because it distracts them from seeing your home’s best features while also giving the impression of a home with inadequate space.

This is why, it is important to pack and tidy up the house early enough and before the showings begin. You should then store the packed possessions out of the buyer’s sight such as at your storage facility or in the garage. You can, however, allow your furniture to stay although it must be neutral and should not occupy excess space. In some cases where excessive furniture is present in a home, we will recommend that furniture be removed from the home or moved to a different room in order to achieve our goal. This article was written with  the (DIY) do it yourselfer in mind, but as as a client of mine you will get the benefit of having my team assist with this process. So no need to worry 🙂


  1. Clean your house thoroughly

Cleaning your house well is another seemingly obvious yet valuable tip that significantly enhances the appeal of your home to potential buyers, but is often overlooked. Be sure to clean all areas including the not-so-accessible spaces such as under-sink cabinets, storage areas,ceiling fan blades,vent covers and closets.

You can also hire someone else to do the cleaning for you since you’re likely to ignore critical areas and smells due to having become accustomed to them over time. In most cases my clients receive this service free of charge or highly discounted. Also, as part of my services, I include a professional window cleaning crew for all windows, window sills and even replacement of badly worn or torn screens. ($175 – $250 value). You will also want to clear your kitchen counters, leaving only a few items such as a scented candle or a bowl of fresh fruit.

Consider maintaining the outdoor areas as well by sweeping cobwebs, replacing burnt-out bulbs and power-wash sidings or decks where necessary. You can also use a new welcome mat or a simple fall wreath, inexpensive yet very effective additions to increase appeal. Keep in mind that you are showcasing your home and attempting for it to show as well or better than the other homes on the market.

  1. Depersonalize the house

Typically, potential buyers are looking for a conducive space they hope to call home soon. Which is why you should allow them to envision themselves living in the house. As such, remove all your family photographs and mementos that can easily prevent formation of this mindset. In a nutshell, you should put away everything that sends a strong message to the potential buyer regarding the existing home inhabitants and their influence on this space.

Consider hanging mirrors that add more light and life to the house in addition to making the room appear increasingly spacious. Besides, having a naturally illuminated house will go well with a majority of buyers. For this reason, ensure that the blinds and heavy curtains are opened to allow more light and fresh air enter the house. You can also use inexpensive sheers on your windows that easily light up the house from the interior. Be sure to set up a standby warm interior lighting system that will cover you during classic gloomy Fall days.

  1. Define your spaces

Ensure that each room in your house has a clearly defined purpose to allow potential buyers to envision their description of the ideal house formation and organization. This means that every room and space in the house has a definite purpose which helps the buyer visualize how to maximize the available space. As such, realign all the room arrangement that you might have altered over time to allow each area to regain its original purpose.

For example, a dining room that has since been converted into a catch-all station should now only serve the purpose of a dining room. Conversely, a deserted office space should be rearranged to portray the purpose of the area as it should be. This is especially important for millennials or for home based business owners who will want to see a well-organized office space that helps them envision themselves at work in the created space.


Implementing all the tips outlined in this post will likely prove to be a little expensive ($450-$750) and even inconveniencing in the short term. However, following them can be worth the cost since they’ll help you command higher home sale prices and enjoy less time on the market. Please contact me to request a FREE consultation regarding your specific home and how I can help you obtain top dollar using techniques like the ones outlined above.

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4 Tips to Consider When Staging Your House For Fall Showings
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